Baby Wonderland Home - based Learning Programme

You look into your baby’s eyes, and you see a future with limitless possibilities. The next second, you start to wonder, “How can I prepare him or her for the challenges ahead?”


Baby Wonderland is designed to develop your baby’s rapidly growing brain, by actively stimulating five key areas of its development through bi-lingual instruction using English and Mandarin. A series of engaging and interactive materials are used to spur your child's cognitive development, social and emotional development, speech and language development and motor skills.



The hands-on learning aspect is one of the main characteristics of the programme as children’s curiosity is piqued by the myriad of colours, sounds, information and music surrounding the learning, encouraging them to engage in a journey of independent exploration and discovery. Different mediums of learning engage your child’s senses and information is delivered in an easily comprehensible manner.


The objective of this programme is to break down the learning barriers of your child, preparing them for the challenges ahead.


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Baby Wonderland Home Baby Wonderland Home Baby Wonderland Home Baby Wonderland Home Baby Wonderland Home

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