Alternative Pain Intervention Therapy

Pain is an unpleasant physical and mental stimulus that should not be ignored, it is disruptive to our daily lives and the body's way of telling us that something is wrong with our lifestyle.

All of us experience pain in different ways, and sometimes, elderly people assume pain is a part of the living process without seeking treatment.


Wellness Philosophy is a complementary alternative medicine pain intervention clinic that offers therapy for physical neuro-musculoskeletal pain. Since its establishment in 1999, it has helped alleviate pain for many who seek a “no-drug, non-invasive, no needles” treatment.



Ms Chua Suyin - centre manager, tells us more:


1) What are the most common ailments patients come to you to get treated for?


The most common musculoskeletal pain disorders range from cervical spondylosis, common tension headache, tendonitis, frozen shoulder tennis elbow, epicondylitis, lower back pain, slip disc, sciatica nerve impingement plantar fasciitis, heel spur to sports injuries.


Our patients are of different age groups from all walks of life. They come to us to get treated for a wide spectrum of conditions. Many of them are people who are often desk bound and lead sedentary lifestyles, over prolonged periods of time such that they develop Front Posture syndrome, Kyphosis (rounded shoulders), weak lower back (Lumbar Lordosis), as a result tendency for radiculopathy sensory or numbness on the lower limbs. Other related work-related strains such as: “frozen shoulder”, Carpal Tunnel syndrome (wrist pain) and “trigger finger” are also common.


2) What do your programmes entail?


We incorporate 3 main components in our programmes: healthcare, wellness and fitness to attain a holistic approach to the healing process.


We understand that musculoskeletal pain symptoms can result from medication, poor health status and blood disorder.  We will investigate and ascertain the health conditions that our clients face through Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (SEMG), physical assessment, health screening, X-ray or MRI.


Integrating various physiotherapy modalities, sport isometric/isokinetics exercises to improve the condition over time by applying strengthening and prevention measures instilled to avoid recurring of the same symptoms.


Patients are taught the right exercises on their conditions to prevent further aggravation of future injuries, hence, motivating them. Eg: For patients with knee or lower back pain, we teach them different method of aqua aerobic exercises in the swimming pool and  lower limb strengthening exercises. We conduct fitness sessions of 150 to 300 mins of in our exercise programmes for our patients to keep track of their exercise regime. Through our counselling we incorporate a comprehensive replacement diet program coupled with their exercise on a weekly basis. So, unlike conventional physiotherapy, we go the extra mile by integrating the 3 components of our programmes: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness.


3) What is the typical or average duration of the programmes your patients undergo?


It would depend on the health conditions of our clients, i.e. whether he / she is in an acute or in chronic stage of pain, neuropathic or non-neuropathic.


Usually, our clients undergo therapy for at least 3 months (12x 90-min sessions).


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Alternative Pain Intervention Therapy Alternative Pain Intervention Therapy Alternative Pain Intervention Therapy

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