IKEA Makes D-I-Y As Easy as ABC

Starting this month, IKEA U.S. will begin selling a new living room storage series called REGISSÖR that uses an innovative technique for faster and easier furniture assembly.


Customers can assemble the new REGISSÖR series - which includes a bookshelf, cabinets and a coffee table, using a new IKEA-developed solution that was designed on the factory floor together with suppliers.


Featuring special wedge dowels, furniture pieces assembled using this technique require no tools and have no loose pieces; you can put them together using only your hands.



The new assembly technique will be used in an additional storage units slated for spring 2015 and is already being used in select pieces from the STOCKHOLM range (sideboard and cabinet).


REGISSÖR is the first product where the new assembly solution is used in full-scale production.


“The new solution gives consumers more choices,” says Janice Simonsen, Design Spokesperson, IKEA U.S. “By making it even easier to assemble our furniture, we want to give people who may find it challenging a new reason for choosing IKEA.”


REGISSÖR also includes a new board-on-frame technique, allowing IKEA to use fewer raw materials and still offer a product with great quality at an affordable price.



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