Light up in Decorative Wood

Many of us do not know that those energy saving / fluorescent bulbs and tubes that we have been replacing each time they go dead, are actually bad for the environment if disposed improperly.

What’s more, the contents within these lamps are in fact poisonous to us (more so for children) due to the presence of mercury.


That is why, since our entrance into the market in 2012, Three Cubes has been helping many home owners, tenants and retailers, transform their homes and domains responsibly by introducing environmental-friendly technologies.


Lighting has always been our passion, be it for the residential, commercial or the retail market. Home automation systems for convenience and comfort are made possible by the ability to measure and control home lighting, air conditioning, curtains, and various security devices around the premises.


Decorative Wood


We offer all sorts of ambient, accent, task and decorative eco-lighting solutions, along with various decorative wood art to adorn your walls and tastefully fill spaces.


Our exquisite range of Asian-inspired, European-designed table and floor lamps, provides the right shades and shapes to suit your mood and often become "conversation pieces" when guests arrive to find something uniquely outstanding.


Decorative Wood


It is not just about lights, it is about safety and our environment too.


We are always mindful and conscious of our environment and thus we like to find ways to contribute and help to educate the public about recycling. For example, we are one of the few collection centres island-wide for the proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs.


At Three Cubes, we are concerned about your family’s well being just as much as we care about our environment.


Decorative Wood


Our sales studio is located at Siglap Centre (right next to MacDonalds).


Please feel free to email us for a free consultation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit our website and Facebook page for more details.


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