Animal & Bird Encounter

Opens Daily




2pm - 2.15pm: Lory Feeding at the Bird Aviary (Live commentary on Lories at Bird Aviary)

3pm - 3.30pm: Teach us Wild (A close encounter with animals)

5pm - 5.30pm: On the Wild Side (Multi-animal Encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre)
Venue: Sentosa, Palawan Amphitheatre
Price: Free. Sentosa island admission applies.



Come down to the Palawan Amphitheatre to see awesome displays of intelligence, agility and responsiveness from our animal friends. Nimble monkeys, amazing reptiles and colourful parrots all get in on the act! Shows are throughout the day to provide opportunities to come up close with feathered and furry friends. The best takeaway? Kids will be taught the value and respect animals deserve. A fun and lifelong educational encounter!


Palawan Amphitheatre



Palawan Amphitheatre Palawan Amphitheatre Palawan Amphitheatre

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