Acidophilus Complex for Digestive Health

No matter what your digestive problems, probiotics may help to restore the natural bacteria balance in your gut. Acidophilus is a particularly effective and widely used probiotic strain, and is found in food like yogurt, tempeh and miso.


Once you swallow an acidophilus supplement, the pill goes through the usual digestive process, liberating the bacteria. These bacteria make their way to your intestines, but instead of passing through as usual, they adhere to your intestinal wall. Here they establish residence and help break down food, producing chemicals like lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals make your intestinal environment hostile to pathogens that could potentially cause problems, which keeps your digestive system running smoothly. Acidophilus also beneficial for condition associated with antibiotic use -- antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria, so Acidophilus helps repopulate your gut with the good bacteria to keep your intestines safe.

Holistic Way High Strength Acidophilus Complex has 15 billion active probiotic cells (good bacteria) that helps support digestion and immune function and helps maintain a healthy and robust intestinal flora. Acidophilus Complex contains good bacteria that have a mutually beneficial relationship with the stomach. It helps break down complex food molecules.


High Strength Acidophilus Complex (30 Vegetarian Capsules)


Health benefits include:


√ Promote Digestive Health

√ Support Healthy Immune System

√ Support Intestinal Health


Acidophilus Complex

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