Hot Spring Town - Kinosaki (Japan)

Kinosaki is a town located in Kinosaki District, Hyōgo Prefecture. Whether it is strolling through the beautiful, willow-lined streets dressed in yukata as you visit the many relaxing hot springs, enjoying fresh crab or Tajima steak at a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), the scenery, culture

and atmosphere of old Japan that lives on in Kinosaki to this day.


The word “onsen” – as in Kinosaki Onsen – means “hot springs”. Kinosaki is known throughout Japan for its long history as a hot spring town, catering to travelers, visitors, and tourists alike. There are many hot springs in Kinosaki, but the most famous are the seven public hot springs. In no order of preference, they are: Satono-yu, Jizou-yu, Yanagi-yu, Ichino-yu, Goshono-yu, Mandara-yu and Kouno-yu. For more information on location, opening hours and entrance fees, please visit:



Autumn Danjiri Festival


Many autumn festivals, especially in Western Japan, feature danjiri which are wooden carts designed to appear like ornate shrines. They vary in size from small, child-sized versions to extremely large danjiri that require many full grown men to move. The use of the danjiri varies from festival to festival, but in Kinosaki the danjiri take on a very entertaining role… they actually “battle” each other in the streets.


Excitement fills the air as the danjiri literally ram into one another amidst the shouts of participants and onlookers accompanied by the sounds of bells and taiko drums. The frantic and rousing scene is very different from the image of most Japanese as reserved and subdued. The area where the shrine battles occur is somewhat narrow, so spectators get a very up close view of the action!



Credits: Kinosaki Onsen Website, Japan National Tourism Organisation.



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