Happily Ever After

Interview with Mdm Edlyn Foo about her “fairytale” wedding in California, USA, and family life.

1) Why did you decide to register your marriage overseas? How did you go about it?

My husband and I have been Disney fans since we were kids, and he decided to register our marriage in USA, after learning about a friend's brother who held his at Walt Disney World. We chose to have our wedding held at Disneyland instead of Walt Disney World as it was the first Disney theme park, and the only theme park that was designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.

Most of the planning was actually done by my husband. He searched for information from the Disney's weddings website and contacted the sales manager for package details. We began by selecting the venues, menus and other wedding features, in order to meet the minimum expenditure required for our package. Next, selected our officiant, make-up artist, photographer and videographer from the list of Disney's preferred vendors. My husband then proceeded to apply for our marriage licence from Orange County, California.


2) What were your most memorable moments?

My most memorable moments were definitely the ride on Cinderella's Crystal Coach and our lunch reception when Mickey and Minnie showed up to surprise us. The photo-shoot inside Disneyland was also an unforgettable experience, especially with the Sleeping Beauty Castle as the background.

3) How long have you known each other before getting hitched?

We had known each other for 14 years before we got married.

4) What are your favourite family activities?

Playing with my daughter or just watching shows on TV together. Watching her comical expressions can be quite entertaining and brings lots of joy and laughter to both my husband and I. We enjoy bringing her out for leisurely strolls around our neighbourhood and shopping in the malls, as she enjoys observing her surroundings and never fails to surprise us with a keen eye for her favourite objects like balloons and displays of cartoon characters.

5) Happiness is.....

Happiness is spending time with my family, creating a fun and memorable childhood for my child, and watching her grow up happily and healthily.


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