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The first thing most brides think of is “how should my gown look like?” While some dive directly into amassing a treasure trove of bridal magazines and scanning through pictures on Pinterest, there are some areas to consider that will be very useful in guiding you through your path to finding “the one”.


Firstly, ask yourself where do you want to hold your wedding. Are you looking at a grand, luxurious ballroom or an outdoor garden setting? Making sure the dress and the location complements each other in terms of style is almost the most important criteria to start off on the right footing.


Pink Wedding dress


Secondly, understand yourself and be 100% honest. Be very clear how your body type is. If you really have no idea, look yourself in the mirror in private, even take your measurements if you require. There are plenty of gown guides out there that will help you identify your ideal dress type. Whichever guide you choose, it will only work if you get your shape right. Consultations with brides with a good level of self awareness often leads to very constructive sessions where they are able to find their dream gown much more effectively, and they are usually very satisfied with their choices, avoiding the agony of indecisiveness and self doubt.


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Never reported in bridal magazines are overlooked areas that come only with real dress fitting experiences we have gained with more than 2,000 brides. These are the width and angle of your shoulder and the evenness of your spine, which makes a difference for certain low-cut back gowns. The curvature of your ribs below your collar-bone also makes a difference. Flat, protruding or concave, it affects the fit of bustier dresses and can move your decision towards a boat neck dress.

White wedding dress


Thirdly, while all of us want to be wowed at, ask yourself what aspect do you want that to be? It could be your gorgeous back that no one knew, the figure hugging mermaid dress that flaunts your figure, or it can also be a style that your friends would not have imagined you trying out. Either way, you need to play your cards well and know what you want to highlight. While going all out and experimenting with your wedding may be interesting for some, it may not be the best choice if you don’t want to pile on more stress than you can take with the extra risk. You certainly do not want jaws to drop for the wrong reason of trying too hard!

 Romantic ball gown


Lastly, do not forget your man! Is he slim, tall, muscular or chubby? Remember that the two of you together is what makes for the picture perfect moment! Drowning yourself in the biggest romantic ball gown could make you look bulky beside your lanky groom. Also consider carefully before you ask your fiancé to comment on the dress. Many men dread this for a very real reason for they cannot really tell the subtle differences between the last ten white gowns you tried on. Most of them are truly happy with anything you choose, as long as they see that you are happy. Do not fault them at not being helpful or force answer out of them for the final two or three dresses. Many a time their choices could lead you disappointed if it is not the same as the one you have in mind.

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Go all crazy if you wish, short-list as many dresses as you want with an open mind. After all, it is a once in a lifetime experience. If you ever find yourself lost with too many choices, the above guidelines will definitely help you in narrowing down your selection!


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