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Wedding Trends in Singapore


In Singapore, many couples tend to go for double- date weddings. And no, we don’t mean having two weddings at one go, which is also done in places such as the Philippines and Korea, but having one’s wedding on a date where the day and the month have the same digits.

What do we mean by this? Perhaps the below examples could serve to elucidate:





We think that setting one’s wedding on a double-date could definitely make a couple’s wedding celebration more memorable and perhaps more fun for a couple’s guests as their wedding date could surely serve as an interesting conversation topic prior to and during their wedding celebrations. It could also build up hype for the wedding. Finally, if you are a couple looking to get married on such a double-date, you should try to book your wedding services way in advance so as to prevent disappointment.


In the year of 2015, find out the list of popular days in Singapore for couples to register their marriages. These ROM dates include:


04 April 2015

05 May 2015

06 June 2015

07 July 2015

08 August 2015

09 September 2015

10 October 2015


Read more from the information source here:


All of the popular days fall on a double date. By keeping in mind these dates in your planning, couples are able to plan their logistics and required services accordingly with the expectation that the turnout on these dates will be very big. Registering marriage on double dates is especially popular in Singapore because it makes the day an extra memorable one with the easy-to-remember date.


Looking for wedding gifts for your soon-to-be married friends and loved ones? Humming Flowers and Gifts has a range of wonderfully created gifts designed to create memories to last a lifetime.


Humming Flowers & Gifts wedding gifts category is a selection of auspicious and romantic wedding gifts to wish the happy couple a blissful marriage and bountiful blessings for their future. In this sincere and thoughtful selection, many likes of the Chinese traditional customs are incorporated into these gift ideas. Besides, there are also trendy gift options for the young and young at heart.


The Chinese character 囍 (xi) is often seen in Chinese weddings. In Chinese culture, 囍 (xi) is made up of 2 喜 Chinese characters meaning when 2 comes together in marriage, there is great happiness. This also means that happiness comes in twos “好事要成双“. Convey your sincere wishes to the Bride & Groom with this Double Happiness Cushion that symbolizes Respect and Eternal Love. Complete with a bottle of Moscato Sparkling Wine 750ml.


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The colour red brings good luck and auspiciousness in weddings. It is a commonly used festive colour in Chinese weddings which can never go wrong. Avoid having/ wearing dull and dark colours such as black, blue and grey during major Chinese celebratory festivals. Send a good luck wedding gift for the newlyweds with this pair of Wedding Bears 36cm in traditional Chinese costumes which remind us of the roots and core values of marriage- love, respect and faithfulness. Complete with Red Roses, White Eustomas and Hypericums.


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